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About me

Hello, I'm Christina Ioannidou, the driving force behind Spark Back Coaching

With a robust background in corporate and strategic HR at industry giants like Samsung and, I bring a wealth of experience to your career journey. My extensive tenure in strategic HR, coupled with leadership roles in start-ups, uniquely positions me to understand the nuanced challenges of both established and fast-paced organizations.

As a certified NLP Coach and a Trained Facilitator in the Lego Serious Play methodology, I offer a unique and dynamic approach to coaching. At Spark Back Coaching, we stand out by prioritizing not just your next job but the development of a successful, long-term career strategy. With a keen understanding of the challenges in fast-paced, high-performing environments, my mission is to support both companies and individuals on their growth and development journey. From career strategy and effective communication to burnout prevention and work-life balance, we are committed to your holistic success.


Choose Spark Back Coaching for a transformative journey where your aspirations become reality, and your career takes on new dimensions of purpose and success.

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