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Self-awareness tools: Reflection questionnaire

To highlight the importance of #selfawareness, I'm sharing some easy-to-use tools for anyone who wants to develop this core skills.

These tools are based on both research and my own experience coaching people on enhancing their self-knowledge and self-understanding.

✅ Why is self-awareness so important?

The more self-aware you become, the easier it is to make decisions and achieve your #goals.

✅Are these #tools for me?

If you want to get to know yourself better, understand your wants/ needs and clarify your goals for the #future then YES, these tools are for you!

✅What do I need to do?

You can use these tools anytime: they don't require any preparation apart from taking notes (optional) and making the #time (mandatory).

Simply download the shared document below and work your way through it.

#change starts with you 💪

➡️ Click here to download the Reflection Questionnaire now

Spark Back Coaching - Self awareness tools
Download PDF • 255KB

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