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Welcome to Spark Back Coaching

Hi there! I'm Christina Ioannidou, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to Spark Back Coaching.

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Have you ever felt like there must more to life than your 9 to 5 job?
Or that you want to find purpose in your work, build a meaningful career, and make an impact?
Then you’re in the right place.

Does this sound like you?

Challenges you are currently facing

Essential Waves

Feeling stagnant in your career?

Unsure about your next steps? Let's map out a personalized career development plan to propel you forward.

Yearning for more meaning in your work?

Let's uncover your core values and align your career with a sense of purpose for lasting fulfillment.

Lacking confidence in your professional journey?

Together, we'll build the self-assurance you need to achieve your career aspirations.

Navigating the complexities of career strategy?

Together, we'll craft a roadmap to align your goals and ambitions with strategic career moves.

Finding it challenging to balance work and life?

We'll create a customized approach to harmonize your professional and personal worlds.

Preparing for a crucial interview?

Receive personalized training to excel in interviews and present yourself as the ideal candidate.

Considering a career pivot or shift?

Discover your passions and skills, and let's strategically navigate the journey to a more fulfilling professional path.

Struggling with burnout or returning to work after a break?

Let's implement effective strategies to prevent burnout and ensure a smooth reintegration.

Elevate your professional image.

Through strategic personal branding. Let's craft a compelling narrative that sets you apart in your industry.

Wall of ideas

Transformative Career Strategies

At Spark Back Coaching, we go beyond job searches, prioritizing the development of a robust career strategy for enduring fulfillment and balance.


Whether you're navigating a job change, a career pivot, or a mindset shift, our program is designed to guide you through a transformative journey.


Discover your values, strengths, and ideal work environment, achieve work-life harmony, and find practical fulfillment in your professional life. With a targeted application strategy, we ensure you connect with employers that align with your aspirations.


Ready to ignite your career? Let's build a path to long-term success and satisfaction.

Business Meeting

Key Focus Areas

Career Strategy Over Job Search

Prioritize long-term results

Self-Discovery for Success

Understand your values and strengths

Work-Life Harmony

Balance your JOB and your WORK

Fulfillment in Your Work

Find joy and purpose in what you do

Targeted Application Strategy

Connect with employers that align with your goals

Coaching Packages

Let’s get your spark back!
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Career Transformation

12 weekly sessions

  • Perfect for individuals on a career transformation journey.

  • Comprehensive services cover career strategy development, personal brand building, and guidance on career pivots or shifts


Interview Mastery

4 sessions

  • Designed for those gearing up for their next job interview.

  • Focused services include interview training, confidence-building exercises, and strategic preparation

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Leadership Elevate

10 weekly sessions

Follow-up monthly sessions as required

  • Crafted for individuals aspiring to leadership roles.

  • Services include leadership development, team performance enhancement, conflict resolution strategies, and effective communication skills for leaders

Breathing Meditation_edited.png

Balance Boost

8 weekly sessions

4 follow-up monthly sessions 

  • Tailored for those seeking work-life balance and burnout prevention.

  • Burnout prevention strategies, reintegration support, and personalized work-life balance techniques

I had the pleasure of working with Christina as my career coach during a pivotal time in my professional journey. Her guidance and support were instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of finding a new job after experiencing layoffs.

Christina's approach is both insightful and empathetic. She took the time to help me recognize my strengths, values, and motivations, allowing me to gain a clearer understanding of my personality and career aspirations. With her assistance, I felt more prepared and confident as I progressed through various interview stages.

One aspect of Christina's coaching that stood out to me was her flexibility and personalized approach. Instead of simply following a plan, she tailored our sessions to address my specific needs and concerns, ensuring that I received maximum value from our time together. Moreover, she helped me broaden my perspective, allowing me to see opportunities for growth and development beyond my immediate job search.

In summary, I highly recommend Christina as a career coach for anyone navigating a career transition or seeking personal and professional growth. Her expertise, empathy, and dedication are truly invaluable assets.

Maryna Sobolieva

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