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Time for a job change: the questions you should really be asking yourself.

No matter how many times you have switched jobs in your career so far, it doesn't make the process any easier.

And I'm not just talking about the substantial amount of time spent on just the ordeal of applying for a new job (it's not exactly anyone's favorite past-time activity).

Changing jobs also means forming new habits, getting used to a new work environment and way of working as well as building new relationships.

So, even if you're not starting out your work experience from scratch, a new job is still a fresh start in many ways - which comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages.

It's a long way to go from an exasperated, heat-of-the-moment "I quit!" or even a more contemplative "Should I quit this job?" to making the actual, deliberate decision of changing jobs.

But if the thought has already crossed your mind, then it's time to dig in deeper and really figure out if a job change is the right move for you right now.

What would make you decide to jump ship to a new job?

Based on the reasons that my coaching clients are seeking a job change, I have put together a list of questions that can help you figure out if you're really ready for the jump or if there might still be room for improvement in your current role.

Make sure to answer truthfully and give each question some proper thought.

Are you able to maintain a healthy balance between work & personal time?

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Do you feel like you're doing something important at work? Does your work have a positive impact?

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Are your personal values aligned with your employer's values & mission?

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Do you feel proud of your accomplishments at work?

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Is your contribution & effort recognized & rewarded?

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Do you work well/get along well with your colleagues?

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Are you able to express your ideas openly & have open conversations at work?

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Do you receive the compensation that your work deserves?

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Are you satisfied with your career development in your current role?

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Are you being challenged in a way that helps you learn & grow?

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And one last bonus question to really reflect on:

Are you generally happy to get to work in the morning?

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The questions above will not only help you decide whether you're currently in the wrong place career-wise but also understand what are the areas that you are really lacking.

Discovering what it is that's missing or that's making you unhappy at work can act as a guide for the requirements you will set for your new role.

Or if most of your answers on the above questions were "yes", maybe it's time to sit down with your manager and discuss how to improve in the areas where you answered negatively.

Whether you're ready to grow wings or to grow (deeper) roots, any kind of change begins with self-awareness. Knowing exactly what it is that you need to change makes your efforts more targeted and increases your likelihood of success in getting what you want.


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