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Your Career Compass: Building the workplace of the future

The bits, bricks and brains that go into making our future workplaces more human and successful.

What comes to mind when you think of the office space of the future?

Join me and my remarkable guest, Nick Lettink, in this episode of Your Career Compass to find out how current trends are shaping workplaces and what we all really expect to find when we go to the office.

Nick has had a long career at YNNO, a consulting firm building the workplaces of the future and has been at the forefront of all the emerging trends that have impacted the way that we experience work within a physical, shared space in the past few years.

Together we explore the ever-evolving dynamics of what makes a workplace not only efficient but also engaging as well as the chasm between the employee expectations and employer requirements when building a workspace.

Finally, we take a sneak peak into the "office of the future" while Nick also shares his invaluable insight into what employers should take into consideration in creating a successful place of work.

Your Career Compass helps you navigate the challenging ebbs and flows of your career journey in bite-episodes with expert guests that offer unique perspective into the career strategy, balance and the future of work. Follow for more!


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