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Your Career Compass: Crush your job search without losing your sanity

Welcome back to 🌟Your Career Compass🌟 - the bite-sized strategies to achieve your career goals.

In this second episode, I had the pleasure of getting some incredible insights from Lucy Griffith, Founder of Thrive @Work and wellbeing specialist.

I picked Lucy's brain on the topics of burnout, self-care and balance and she has provided invaluable advice on how to best take care of yourself during the stressful period of job searching.

This episode is for everyone who wants to:

🔥 Discover the telltale signs of burnout that could be silently sabotaging your efforts.

🌿 Uncover self-care strategies to stay resilient and keep your spirits high.

🏙️ Learn the practical strategies behind achieving balance in your life while hunting for jobs.

Join us on this transformative episode where we unlock the keys to maintaining your well-being and energizing your job search with a fresh perspective!

🎙️Remember to follow me on LinkedIn for more episodes packed with expert insights and practical tips to elevate your career journey. Stay tuned!


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