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Your Career Compass: The impact of psychological safety & how to measure it

The latest episode of Your Career Compass has just landed, and this one's a game-changer!

In this episode, I had an eye-opening conversation with Seán from Collaborate & Eight, a powerhouse in training and development. We explored the world of workplace dynamics, focusing on a topic that impacts every single one of us: Psychological Safety.

Ever wondered what exactly psychological Safety means in the workplace? 🤔

Seán breaks it down, explaining how it influences our wellbeing, our work, and even how we perform during job interviews.

We also look into practical ways to evaluate and measure psychological safety as well as the amazing possibilities it can create for your career.

Seán shares empowering insights, emphasizing the transformative power of psychological safety. Whether you're in a workplace that prioritizes it or not, there's always room to be a change agent and foster a culture of safety and growth.

🙏 Huge thanks to Seán for sharing his wisdom and experiences! Tune in now to explore this critical topic that impacts us all.


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